About us

We are professionals technicians and amateur musicians who decided to capitalize on their technical and musical knowledge to provide a qualified Customer Service dedicated exclusively to Musical Instruments made in the 60 70s.
Our experience in music allows us to well understand the needs of our Clients, our technical experience to meet them.

Our History

Our business idea was born on 2004 with our first workshop in Milan.
One year later we acquired the historical laboratory "Bellani Electronica".
At the end of 2011 we decided to move our Headquarters outside Milan, in an area easily accessible, less congested and with good parking facilities for our Customers.

Our Policy

Is characterized by maximum transparency: publication of prices, processing time fast and assured, real warranty, certification and documentation of all works, written quotes, issuing regular invoices, complete description of location of the laboratory.

Our Team

Giuseppe Gangemi (The Chief)

In the past he worked in Electronics, Electroacoustic Music and Computer Science.
In the 60' 70' has played in various rock bands

At Hammond Organ B-3

At work