Organ-Leslie Connection Pedal

Organ-Leslie Connection Pedal

The easiest, fastest anc cheapest way to connect a Leslie to Hammond organ B3/C3/A100/RT-3 or to a keyboard equipped with 11 pin socket
No technical operation required within the organ: simply Plug&Play your Leslie!

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  • Pedal connect to Leslie with classic 6/9/11 pin cable and to 5 pin socket of the organ or to 11 pin socket of the keyboard
  • 6/9 pin Leslie is powered when you turn on the Organ. An orange light iindicate Pedal and Leslie power
  • You can control the Leslie speed with the two noiseless pedal pushbuttons, with the classic optional halfmoon (see Accessoriesand with others external pushbutton to connect to the pedal (as a microswitch to install on the organ's expression pedal)
  • Organs type A-100 sends to Leslie signal coming from organ's preamplifier instead from amplifier
  • Can replace original Leslie pedal usually employed for connect the organ to a Leslie type 760 avoiding unnecessary attenuation and preamplification of the organs signal
  • Using the optional stop motor cable you can stop motors on Leslie tube state type 122/147/251 (see Accessories
  • Two light indicator for motors speed status (Slow/Fast/Stop)
  • Can replace original Leslie Console Connection Kit allowing significant money savings for installation within the organ
  • Allows connection between Organ and Leslie with different power voltage (excluding Leslie type 147 and 251)
  • Sizes 20x15x4 (cm) - 7.87x5.90x1.57 (inches)
  • Weight about 1,5 Kg (3.3 pounds)

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