Keyboard-Leslie Connection Pedal

Keyboard-Leslie Connection Pedal

Connect Leslie with keyboard, guitar or any other muscal instrument
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  • Allow you to use Leslie vintage (122/147/251/760 with most musical instruments (organ, keyboard, guitar, microphone and other)
  • One input with continuous input gain with overdrive Led indicator and continuous Volume control
  • Leslie speed control (Stop/Slow and Slow/Fast) with two noiseless pushbuttons and with classic optional Halfmoon selector (See Accessories)
  • Two Led indicator for motors speed status (Slow/Fast/Stop)
  • Brake Circuit control for tube state Leslie with dedicated optional stop control cable (See Accessories)
  • Direct connection to 11-pin socket on the keyboard with Leslie speed control also from the keyboard through the optional cable (See Accessories)
  • Can be used with Leslie powered at 220V or 117V
  • Sizes 20x15x4 cm (7.87x5.90x1.57 inches)
  • Weight about 1,5 Kg (3.3 pounds)

Download Leslie Control Pedal User Manual