Logical Leslie Control

Logical Leslie Control
  • Control Leslie with classic halfmoon, a keyboard equipped with a 11 pin connector or pushbuttons
  • Can control until two Leslie at the same time, also of different types
  • Allows stop motors with 6 pin Leslie (122/147/251)
  • Leslie speed light indicator
  • Can control also Leslie Clones

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  • All controls are independent of one another
  • More buttons can be connected to control the Leslie from multiple positions (by example a pushbutton on the expression pedal)
  • Unit can control directly motors's speed of both: the original Leslie and their clones
  • Controls works with low voltage so there is no danger of electric shock with Leslie that use supply voltage for speed control (as 6 pin Leslie and various clones)
  • Power supply 6.5 Vac
  • Easy installation

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